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The Body and Talk Therapy

Pairing body awareness with thought processes has a powerful effect on healing. Consider this: emotions reside in the body AND it's very easy to get lost in thought. And the surest way to feel like you've "come home" is to focus on the body and accept the emotions and sensations that you feel and experience in the moment. Think about it. When you become upset, you have a body, or somatic, reaction. You might feel tightness in the chest, butterflies in the stomach, tight shoulders, etc. Talk therapy best addresses issues when it incorporates the body.

What does incorporating the body look like in therapy? When talking about stressors, traumas, emotional difficulties, we'll focus on the sensations that accompany this in the body. From there, we will engage certain interventions that are designed to assist in relaxing the body. We will work together to increase self-awareness around body sensations and their connection to thought processes and emotions. Through this, you will gain a greater ability to manage emotions and thoughts.

If you're ready to begin this incredible healing journey, please reach out! You can book an initial phone consultation here or call (859) 334-0513.


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